Erin + Maclean || Our very own wedding

Oh man these past two weeks have been incredible. Let’s start from the beginning… On May 21st I married the love of my life Erin. It was an incredible day that started off with a big breakfast for the boys and an early hair and makeup session for the girls. It was reaaaally weird knowing that later in the day I’d be a married man but I was getting antsy like I do at Christmas time, I couldn’t wait. The guys then got ready and drove over to pick up the ladies. Once we arrived, Erin and I had our first look. When I turned around to see my wife to be, I was floored. I think my jaw literally dropped and I remember just being in utter disbelief that this was to be my wife… oh how blessed I am. We’re so used to being the ones filming the wedding so it was definitely trippy being on the other side of the camera. We then drove out to North Vancouver to have a photo session with the always lovely Jamie Delaine. Check out her blog post for all the photo awesomeness.

Then came the ceremony which was held at Highlands United Church. Erin was practically raised in Whistler so we chose this church because it had a very quaint, lodgey type feel, and also some really interesting lighting. For the decor we of course got the amazing Wedding Design studio. As you probably know, Erin and I are huge Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings fans, so we told Kim of Wedding Design Studio that, and she put together some absolutely amazing decor inspired by our obsession. Now one of the big reasons we decided to do a first look was in case I cried. I come from a big family of blubberers so we thought we’d see each other before the ceremony to get it our of my system. I didn’t cry during the first look but the ceremony was a different story. I don’t think any tears actually fell but when Erin walked down the aisle right on cue to one of our favourite songs (Transatlantcism by Death Cab) I was trying SO hard not to cry. My Uncle/Pastor Dave shared an awesome message, and then we shared personal vows as well as the traditional ones. We then walked out to Baby We Were Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (the boss). I remember my face being in physical pain from smiling so much. So happy to finally be married.

We then headed up to Grouse Mountain for the reception. The weather was dry but definitely cloudy which worked perfectly with our Harry Potter vibe. Some very touching speeches were shared by loved ones and an incredible dance party led by my band. All in all it was an incredible day that I will reminisce about extremely frequently for the rest of my life. Check out very own highlights film below.

Special thanks to…

All of our family and friends that came from out of town.
My cousins Drew and Scott for arranging and performing the ceremony music.
My cousin Kris for saving the day twice.
My cousin Melynn for designing our programs and menus.
The reception band for bringing the dance party – Adam, Denver, Dan, Scott, Drew and Danielle
Kim and her team at Wedding Design Studio for their amazing work
Andrew Noon at Clear Horizon Productions for filming the wedding
Jamie Delaine for her incredible photo skillz!
Joy Mitchell and Karen Millidrag for hair and makeup
All of our family and friends
and of course my amazing wife for marrying me.

PS Stay tuned for a montage of the dance party. The band killed it and it would be a shame not to share it with you.


  1. Tara Swain says:

    It looked beautiful!! Congratulations again, you both look SO happy!!! :)

  2. Rebecca Saysomsack says:

    LOVE the video. You guys are just the cutest!
    Your day looked wonderful and very special.
    Wishing a liftetime of happy childlike days.


  3. Awesome stuff! Congratulations!

  4. Joshua Havoc says:


  5. I wanna go to your wedding again! So fun!

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  7. betts says:

    i….can’t….stop….watching…your..videos….sooooo….addicitive……. :)

    just got engaged myself! congrats on your happiness!

  8. Maclean says:

    Wow thanks so much betty! So glad you enjoy our work. Congrats on getting engaged! If you’re looking for a wedding film let us know :)

  9. Tanis says:

    Oh my gosh… I just spent the last 2 hours cruising through your blog and videos… I am speechless and crying! You guys do amazing work, ahhh-mazing work. I wish I knew of you when I got married 2 years ago ;)… dang! And congrats on your own wedding, definitely shed a tear hearing your vows… all the best to you guys, in life, love and business!

  10. Maclean says:

    Thanks so much! We’re so happy you like our work! How did you hear about us? Hopefully we’ll get to work together someday :)

  11. Vania says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! So in the moment. Pure perfection.

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