Bonnie + Christopher || Let’s Go See My Man

Two new highlights films in one week!?! Whaaaa?! Yup it’s true! Bonnie and Christopher (aka Denman) are two incredible people and we go way back. I first met Denman while I was in film school as he was a good friend of my classmate Joshua (of Joshua + Bonny Jo). We got along great but didn’t have a whole lot of time to hang out as he was visiting from Texas. The next time I had met him was when I went to Dallas to film Joshua and Bonny Jo’s wedding. Denmand was Joshua’s best man so I was able to spend a few days with him and all day at the wedding. He had just started hanging out with this girl Bonnie that Joshua had set him up with. I was lucky enough to meet Bonnie and she was a joy. Super fun and a great fit for Denman. They were both smitten pretty quick. Fast forward 6 months and I’m flying back to Dallas again to film Candi and Daniel’s wedding and next thing I hear they’re engaged. They didn’t want to waste any time. Denman was nice enough to take me out one night for a bite to eat at a classic Dallas drive in burger joint. He asked me if I’d be willing to fly out to Dallas the following year to film their wedding. I was beyond excited and honoured.

So last week I flew out to Dallas. What you may not know about Texas in August is that it’s hot… and I don’t just mean a little uncomfortable… I mean it’s hard to breathe it’s so hot and humid. And on top of that, Dallas apparently was going through a worse than normal heat wave and has been setting heat records. We’re talking 110 degrees fahrenheit at 11pm. Oofta! So I arrived a few days early to spend some time with Joshua, Bonny Jo and Denman. I was able to go along to the rehearsal dinner and check out the venue and it was amazing! It was looking over a nearby lake where Denman and his family have a cabin. I was later told that Joshua and Denman have this old pastime of Canoeing on the lake early in the morning and they said they were planning on doing so before the festivities started on the wedding day. I immediately asked to tag along as I thought it would be a great way to start their film. The wedding day was beautiful. It was hard not to have a smile on my face the whole day, being surrounded by such incredible scenery and seeing the joy and love on Bonnie and Denman’s faces. I was so happy to be able to create their wedding film.

||Techy Stuff||

Ok so there are a few shots in here that I was thrilled to be able to get. During the morning I was able to take my mkii and glidecam and head out on a small boat with Joshua and Denman. I wanted to get some shots of the scenery and of the venue where the ceremony and reception was to be held. Having the glidecam while on the boat allowed me to get some extremely high production value shots. See if you can spot them in the film.

Also another note about this film is that it was shot entirely with one shooter. We don’t often shoot one shooter weddings but this was a rare exception. Fortunately the preps, ceremony and reception were all held at one location. I had to be very aware of the schedule throughout the day to make sure I could capture what I needed. It’s cool to see that if you have a vision for the story, you can be where you need to be and make it appear to be that there was more that one shooter. The gear used was the 5D and 7D with L series primes 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, and the 135mm 2.0. For the ceremony and speeches I set the 7D up on the tripod and then used the 5D on the monopod to get other angles. It turned out great. Obviously not my preferred way to shoot as it can be a little hectic, but I was happy to see the footage turn out so well.


  1. Geoff says:

    Best one yet!

  2. Bonnie McClure says:

    I absolutely love our video!!! Thank you so much Maclean for coming down here and filming our outdoor wedding in the middle of a heat wave. You really captured the beauty of the venue, and the love that Denman and I share. I am so happy that we had you film our wedding. You truly are the best! Thanks again!!!

  3. Awesome highlight reel, looks really high end! Love stalking the blog for great trailers!

  4. Loved this highlight! Love your videography style!

  5. Tina says:

    I have to honestly say I don’t know how I came across this amazing site. Oh wait! I think it was Pinterest, actually.
    To say the least, I’ve been devouring each video and crying like an idiot at all the enduring parts you’ve captured. As a recovering wedding photographer (now food photographer with appreciation for wedding photography), I know the struggles of the day, which are not evident in your work.
    Plus I’ve seen the wedding invite for yourself & Erin and naturally thought you were the coolest couple ever.

  6. Maclean says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoy our work! I like your word choice of “devouring” haha. We love what we do and it’s so great to hear from people who enjoy it!

    PS Glad you liked our invite :) That was a fun one!

  7. Tara Swain says:

    Greatness!!! LOVE IT!! Was so fun working with you again!

  8. […] A special thank you to my friend Wendy of Birds of Feather Events who spent her Saturday assisting me at the wedding. :) It was also awesome being able to work with the amazing Vancouver based videographer, Maclean Carlson, of Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films. […]

  9. Wow! Came across this on Tara Swain’s website! This video is wonderful!

  10. JO$HUA says:

    This video is amazing. It’s almost like if Terence Malick was a wedding videographer. I love the canoeing footage. It’s so cool to show the events of the whole day. Now it will always be remembered that the last thing Denman did as a single man was go canoeing with his brother. This video is beautiful. Thank God that venue had some big windows. This couple is ridiculously attractive. I can’t wait for their babies. Oh wait, yes I can. Also, great song choice. You are one talented old rascal, Maclean. I am thinking about marrying Bonny again so you can shoot my wedding again.

  11. Bonnie Denman says:

    haha I just noticed my last name on my comment before was WRONG!!!! Again, I am so in love with this video and watch it all the time!

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