Rebecca + Geoff || I’m The Lucky One

They met at university where they were both in engineering. Geoff is a lucky man. He found the most beautiful female engineering student in the whole school and kept her forever. Rebecca is lucky too, Geoff is an awesome guy who completely adores her. Mac and I are big fans of these two.

This wedding was something else. Exactly what I imagine Beauty and the Beast’s future wedding to be (after the Beast changed back into a man of course). The ceremony and reception were both at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and the reception was in the big ballroom, the one I already refer to as the Beauty-and-the-Beast room – and so it begins.

Everything about Rebecca was Belle-like to me: her hair, her face, her dress and her flowers (red roses). Also Belle and (Man)Beast-like was this couple’s ability to dance. Amazing! They made a new years resolution last year to learn to dance and man oh man did they do that. It was really beautiful. I would never have guessed they hadn’t been ballroom dancing their whole lives.

The ceremony was really personalized which I LOVE. They said their own vows and included a number of Jewish traditions (Rebecca is Jewish)- like the glass breaking! The best part was just watching these two, it was as if no one else was there but them. That’s the very best kind of ceremony.

The reception (besides being held in my favorite ballroom in all of Vancouver) was decorated beautifully! Red roses, candles, mirrors, open bar… Good wedding!

My favorite part of the whole day was 12:00am. At that time the couple was being lifted up on chairs, as per the Jewish wedding tradition, while everyone was dancing and wearing new years hats and crowns – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We were so lucky to be able to work with the lovely Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant who created a custom ceremony for Rebecca and Geoff. So awesome!

Also we had a blast shooting with Scott of Contrast Studios. Be sure to check out his work!


  1. this is beautiful. she has a lovely speaking voice. and i loved that new years eve moment. and her dress and the first look. sweet couple.

  2. Amazing! After watching this my wife decided that we should have another wedding.

  3. Y’all are just the best :).

  4. Pamela Velos says:

    This is an amazing video. So beautiful and I love the story telling. You have really captured the feel of the wedding ceremony and the fun we had afterward

  5. A fabulous documentation of a truly well constructed day! Brava! :O)

  6. Vania says:

    ADORE this!! STUNNING bride and beautiful set up. Any idea who their band was…?! Beautifully captured….

  7. Maclean says:

    Thanks so much Vania! Yes the band was called Side One –

  8. Brielle says:

    So sweet! Very awesome!

  9. Hi Mac and Erin,
    Your video is magic! Takes me back to one of my most favorite wedding ceremonies. Full of truth and beauty, and elevated by meaning. Thank you for honouring Rebecca and Geoff’s ceremony so beautifully in your video. It rocks!
    Celebrant Michele

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