Heather + Jon || The Perfect Time

We love this couple so much that we EACH wanted to write our OWN blog post for this one so…

I have known this beautiful couple since Mac and I first started dating almost 6 years ago, and have loved them since day one. You don’t meet couples like Jon and Heather very often.

You should know is that THIS Heather is THE Heather who designed our website! (Craaayzy talented!) She also designed and created all of the stationary at her wedding – the program, seating chart, table numbers, even the boxes that held the favors! Ah-may-zing.

Naturally, Mac and I were super pumped to film this wedding. Who doesn’t want to be a part of their friends wedding?! But from a strictly “wedding cinematographer” perspective, this wedding was a dream. The couple is blindingly gorgeous, they had a first look, the locations were unique and so beautiful, and there was so much heart throughout the entire day. You will notice in the film that Heathers mom is mentioned a lot. She passed away a few years ago. At the rehearsal dinner, her dad presented her with a necklace and earrings that her mom had picked out for her to wear on her wedding day before she passed away. Almost lost it when I found that out. She also wrapped her flowers in fabric from her mom’s clothing. Sharon Hastings was very much a part of this day.

For this couple, they consider their friends their family. This is probably why their wedding was by far THE most fun I’ve EVER had at a wedding in my life. Everyone was so incredibly happy for them, all their friends are impossibly fun, AND the dance floor was pa-aaacked all night long.

Heather and Jon… We feel so honored that you invited us to be a part of your wedding day. It was one of those days we’ll never forget. We love you both so very much and can’t WAIT to go on multiple couples trips with you! Congratulations! – Erin


I’ve known Jon since middle school. We were a pretty cool duo. So cool that we would breakdance every chance we got and I’m quite sure that everyone thought we were extremely awesome. Along with some of our best friends, we grew up together and had many good times skateboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding… so a lot of boarding. Jon was actually a huge part in getting me started in video. In high school he thought it would be cool if we made a full length skateboard video with some friends. We ended up making 2 skate videos and those are some of the best memories I have. A few years ago he was also my landlord at the infamous “Burrow” where some of my closest friends and I lived. Again, some of the best memories I have and that I’ll treasure forever.

Heather is one of my favourite people ever. Period. She’s hilarious, a design genius, extremely creative and not to mention the kindest person you’ll ever know. She’s also the brilliant mind behind our brand refresh and new website. Heather and Jon met in high school and it wasn’t long until they were inseparable. Their story spans a long time and they’ve been through many ups and downs together but through it all they’ve stuck together and have become stronger. I’ve always looked up to Jon and Heather. When Erin and I began dating, I truly wanted my relationship with Erin to model theirs. Two people of God, who endlessly support each other and have fun together. So much fun. Check out their film for a glimpse of who these two wonderful people are. Congrats Jon and Heather. We love you two HEEPS! -Mac

heather + jon || the perfect time from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

We were so glad to be able to work with Erin Bishop and her incredible team at Filosophi Event Planning and Design, and ofcourse we were so pumped to be able to shoot alongside the incredible James Moes – we can’t wait to see the photos! You can check out Heather and Jon’s engagement photos here!


  1. Chad says:

    Great story telling you guys!! What an emotional one huh?

  2. Maclean says:

    Thanks a ton Chad! Oh it was teary day for sure, but also SO fun :)

  3. Shari says:

    oh man that was sooo good! Great work as always Maclean + Erin!

  4. Alicia Keats says:

    Just bawled my eyes out! Beautiful job!! <3

  5. Lesley Bell says:

    That was the most Stunning thing I have ever seen! maybe Shabbir and I will have to get maried again so I can have such a beautiful momento… Fantastic job, you guys are simply fantastic!

  6. Marty Hastings says:

    Hell of a job.

  7. Rachel says:

    Great team of folks putting this one together. Emotional moments! Nicely done.

  8. Shabbir says:

    Mac, Erin – simply genius, every time I see your work I am blown away. With this amazing clip of Jon and heather I know that you are so talented, you capture the moment and perfectly frame the people, capturing who they are. Once again, genius, amazing, you guys are the best.

  9. Jen says:

    I actually cried! I knew both Jon & Heather from my gr. 12 year, truly an awesome couple. Congratulations. Mac & Erin you guys capture the most beautiful memories!

  10. Kelli says:

    As usual amazing and thanks for the happy tears :)

  11. Colin says:

    Fantasique, was so luck to have been there, great, great families and wonderful time. Nicely done Mac and Erin.

  12. Alicia-Rae Light says:

    Aw, this is amazing. Made me cry too… Congrats Heather and Jon, so happy for you :)

  13. Lori Weston says:

    Amazing and so beautiful! What a wonderful job capturing such a fantastic and very special day! What a fantastic keepsake! We loved the sneak peek xo. Thaks for sharing!

  14. Nicola Vanderliek says:

    Wow congratulations you two!! I do not cry at many things but I couldn’t stop during this one. Heather your dads speech was beautiful!


  15. Josiah Tam says:

    Amazing as always! Pretty sure I shouldn’t be watching wedding films a week before my wedding, definitely cried.

    Pretty cool to see the same venue we’re using too!

    Keep it up!

  16. Stacy Robertson says:

    Mac and Erin – you have created just an amazing snapshot of Jon & Heather’s special day. Such a beautiful video – you are both so talented! I’d also like to say that Jon & Heather are very blessed to have such loving, fabulous friends as you both.

  17. Gizelle Gutierrez says:

    hey! loved the video!
    i was just wondering where their ceremony & reception was held?

  18. Maclean says:

    Thanks so much Gizelle! The ceremony and reception was held at South Bonson Community Centre in Pitt Meadows BC.

  19. Candace Huck says:

    This is one of my absolute fave wedding’s i’ve seen. thanks for capturing it so beautifully.

  20. James Moes says:

    Such good work. Finally got to it – didn’t allow myself to watch till I finally finished editing their photos. You are blessed to be friends with this whole crew – such a good party.

  21. Hilary Simister says:

    LOVE THIS guys, couldn’t help but tear up
    Beautiful wedding, couple, and great work on capturing the day E+M

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