Lindsay Gee || Photographer

It’s always so fun in the off-season to shoot some different projects – and this time was EXTRA fun. Lindsay Gallagher-Smith, a photographer from Penticton, and quite possibly THE FUNNEST person alive. Meet her for 10 seconds and you’ll know what I mean.

Some favorite things about her:
1. She is super funny
2. She has an amazing voice
3. She laughs like a CRAZY person to make the couple she’s shooting feel more comfortable
4. She got bangs for the first time the day before the shoot (I think that’s pretty bold – and they look awesome!)

I really don’t think you can put her personality into words, but you can capture it on film. Watch the video, you’ll see for yourself! -Erin


This promo was shot entirely on two 5D mkIIs using the Canon L Series 24mm, 35mm and 50mm, along with the rest of our support/audio gear. We’ve shot a handful of promos and when Lindsay contacted us about making one for her, we racked our brains to find a different approach for this project. We really wanted to focus on her personality as it is so apparent and infectious when you meet her. You can’t help but smile when she says little one liners here and there or giggles. To showcase this we decided to strap a wireless lav on her while we followed her on a photo shoot. We weren’t quite sure what we’d capture but we’re SO glad we did it because the sound bites that ended up in the promo perfectly display what she’s like when you’re with her.

Another way we wanted to capture her personality was in a interview setting. We set up a couple cameras and basically just chatted with her for a half an hour. We had a few questions to help get her started but it really turned into a chat about why she does what she does and who she is as a person. She has a very deep side that not everyone gets to see. She’s not only extremely passionate about photography, but singing, dancing and many other creative arts. A true artist. We were so happy to be able to capture that in the interview to support the visuals in the piece.

There were also many laughs along the way. We even have a blooper video that we’ll be sharing soon :) -Mac


  1. I LOVE LINDSAY. she came to my workshop last june and i think she’s the RADDESTTTTTT. i also photographed her and her hubby!!

  2. Lindsay Gee says:

    Ah… Love. SERIOUSLY…can’t thank you two enough. Beaming with joy over here… I don’t know how you did it…but it looooooks sooo slick…especially the interview part…hahaha…Like I was just BABBLING!. You two have SUCH a good thing going on and I’ll recommend to EVERYONE.

  3. Becky says:

    That was super cute!!! Totally shows how FUN she is!

  4. Jackie Ganon says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE I can’t say it enough. Lindsay is amazinnnnnnn’ and to pair that with killer videographers, does it get any better?!

  5. This video is fantastic! That is my brother’s song in the video too :)

  6. Maclean says:

    We LOVE your brothers music! We’re so happy we’re able to license it through – He’s extremely talented. PS I just checked out your blog. Amazing work! Maybe we’ll get to work together one day :) – Mac

  7. Maclean says:

    Isn’t she the raddest! We had the best time making this with her :)

  8. Maclean says:

    We can’t say enough how much fun we had working with you! Thanks for the love!

  9. Maclean says:

    Right!?! So rad!

  10. Tegan says:

    love this! she’s so cute. you guys rock.

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