Joshua and Bonny Jo

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I received my film school education this last year at Vancouver Film School. I met a lot of great people and made some life long friendships. One of the guys I was closest with over the year was Joshua. We had a chance to work on a ton of film projects together and had a lot of fun hanging out. Joshua came to Vancouver all the way from Texas and before he left Texas he got engaged to his beautiful fiance Bonny Jo. I had the pleasure of meeting Bonny when she came to visit Joshua. I couldn't believe how similar these two were. Seriously... incredibly similar. They'd laugh at the same jokes, finish each others sentences, and even used the same slang.Over my year with Joshua, we toyed around with the idea of me coming out to his wedding next april. We talked about it lightly for a while but as the year went on we decided to make it happen. So next april I'm flying out to film Joshua and Bonny's wedding and I couldn't be more pumped! Recently they went out with their photographer and did an engagement shoot. They have some really awesome pictures by the wonderful Tara Swain. Below are a couple of photos but see the rest of them on her blog here.

Bonny & JoshuaJoshua & Bonny