Bonny Jo & Joshua Trailer | Dallas, TX

I met Joshua about a year and a half ago where we attended film school together in Vancouver. Halfway through the year I had the pleasure of spending time with his fiance Bonny-Jo when she came to visit. Joshua had mentioned that he was thinking about hiring me and flying me out to Dallas Texas to film their wedding. After working out the logistics he bought the tickets and it was booked! So fast forward 8 months and here we are. The wedding day finally came. I had never been to Dallas before so it was an awesome experience to see the city. I had such a fun time with this incredible couple. These two have an amazing story. They've known each other since they were in their young teenage years. Joshua had pursued Bonny for quite some time and once she fell for him they were inseparable.  Their unconditional love for each other is so apparent when you see them together and their wedding day truly reflected that. It was also one of THE funnest weddings I've been to. They really wanted their quests to have a fun time and they truly succeeded.
Dallas Texas is usually a warm and sunny place this time of year and up until a few days before the wedding that was the forecast. But on the wedding day the clouds threatened to change plans but Joshua and Bonny-Jo were determined and willed the rain away. The rain held off long enough for the photo shoot but once the ceremony started the rain had begun. At this point their was no turning back and to tell you the truth I'm glad it rained. To see this couple surrounded by their family and closest friends, declaring they're love for each other in the poring rain was just amazing.
I'd like to give a special thanks to Bonny-Jo and Joshua for flying me out to be apart of this amazing wedding and to meet their amazing friends and family.
Below is a short trailer of their wedding day.

[vimeo 11085100 w=640 h=360]