Christel + Joey || A Winnipeg Wedding

We went to Winnipeg!I've never been further east than Saskatchewan (and that was on another family adventure on which I did nothing but read Harry Potter as the books had JUST come out) and Mac has skipped over to Montreal but never been IN Manitoba- so this was a first for both of us! Can I just say, Winnipeg is highly underrated. Granted, this wedding was about 2 hours out of the city in Falcon Lake, but the location was BE-AUTIFUL! Giant lake with islands all over it and not a SINGLE mosquito to be found!

This was probably the most unique wedding we've ever been to and I can tell you why- Christel (the bride) is an artist slash photographer slash jewellery designer slash GOLDSMITH! This girl can do it ALL. Joey (the groom) is an engineer by day and a farmer by weekend and can fix just about anything. Total side note - in the slide show there were more than a couple of pictures of Joey either sitting on a hay bail or rocking a mullet. Loved it!

The ceremony was outside right on the lake where the bride rolled up in a canoe with her dad! SO cute! Each guest was given a piece of ribbon which they were invited to tie onto a string that ran around the ceremony to signify everyone joining together in support for the couple. While the brides dress was designed and made by her friend, she made her OWN wedding jewellery AND designed both of their rings! I told you - she can do it ALL!

We had so much fun at this wedding and were so impressed by all the creativity! Christel and Joey - thank you so much for inviting us to capture your day - we had SO much fun and will pump Manitoba to anyone who will listen ha! Congratulations!

[vimeo 29010928 w=640 h=360]