It's Here!

Well it's finally here! Branding refresh, new blog and a whole new site. Whadya think? Pretty nice eh?!Earlier this year we wanted to make the leap to a completely custom designed site so we asked the brilliant Heather Hastings - extreme graphic designer (I added the extreme) - to puh-lease help us! We were super vague with our instructions to Heather, but super specific with what we wanted in our heads so we said "Heather, please make our branding and website better reflect who we are and what we're all about. Thank you." and BAM! She did! And its PERFECT!

(Fun Fact: Heather Hastings also happens to be a super close friend of ours AND she recently got engaged to our other super close friend! YAAAY friend wedding!)

So click around! Explore this place! We'd love some feedback so feel free to give us a shout out in a comment, on Facebook or Twitter, OR shout it out in person if you see us! (please shout nicely though… don't yell… )

Special shout out to the always incredible Jamie Delaine for her amazing photo skills. All the photos of us on the site are by her :)

Special thanks to the brilliant Mark Kimmel, for coding the site!