Tamara + Barry || I Can't Wait

Tamara (Tam-rah) and Barry (…normal pronunciation) have been together for 8 years, and had lived in their home together for 2 years to the day on their wedding day! (cute little coincidence). They are incredibly thoughtful, generous, HI-LAR-ious people who everyone (including us!) wants to be friends with.These two don’t take life too seriously which I absolutely love. Example – they had an RV take them around on their photo shoot – SO smart! That being said, Tamara did practically everything for their wedding herself – down to flower arrangements and boutonnieres! AND wedding morning when the girls were just about to hop in the limo, one of the boutonnieres broke…Tamara just grabbed an extra rose, ripped off the old one, florist wrapped it back together like a pro and pinned it on her brother. Like it was NOTHING! Not gonna lie, I was expecting a little more drama than that. I was SUPER impressed.

My favorite Tamara wedding day memory- as she was getting her eye make up done – OUT OF NOWHERE – she growls and tries to bite the make up artist! The poor girl almost lost it! And that’s Tamara for you. Super easy going, outgoing, and random as anything. I asked Mac for his favorite Barry memory – he said that Barry was either constantly giggling or crying. It was super cute in the ceremony!

We had the time of our lives at this wedding. It was a gorgeous, rustic-romantic ceremony and reception, and the bridal party was great. Thank you Tamara and Barry for flying us out to capture your day – it was perfect. We wish you both the best and hope to see you again!!

[vimeo 44842240 w=649 h=365]

tamara + barry || i can't wait from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.