vivian + preston || lucky

Vivian and Preston put a lot on the line when they planned their wedding. Technically they weren’t even engaged...While Mac and I have done our fair share of Chinese weddings, we learn something new almost every time! Lesson of the day from Vivian and Preston’s wedding was that there are only certain ‘lucky days’ that people can get engaged/married on (depending on their families ‘lucky numbers’). And sometimes the ‘lucky day’ to get engaged and the ‘lucky day’ to get married can be the same day! This was the case for Vivian and Preston. SO - prior to the ceremony, Preston gave a speech to Vivian’s parents in front of a large group of family asking for her hand in marriage. And her dad said yes! Fewf. What a risky move!

The ceremony was held on a rooftop garden (well, a 6th floor garden) of a condo high rise in Burnaby. This was one of the most unique ceremony locations we’ve ever shot at - it was the most perfect mix of a busy, urban city and a garden escape. Best of both worlds! I love both of those worlds. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Vivian and Preston were very smart and didn’t have to!

They also included another of my favorite things in their wedding festivities – a group dance! This wedding was a good time. Vivian and Preston are a good time. Too many good times.


[vimeo 47574254 w=649 h=365]

vivian + preston || lucky from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.