joey + douglas || dreams come true

Usually when we meet couples, you can tell they love each other (obviously). They have all these cute couple idiosyncrasies and tend to poke fun at each other (Maclean and I are definitely included in this category just FYI – we’re VERY cute – just kidding – we make fun of each other…) But Joey and Douglas were completely different. They were like fairy tale in love – they held hands/arms around each other the entire meeting and were always looking at each other - it was SO cute!These are two of the sweetest most genuine people I’ve met.

They both live in Hong Kong but Douglas was raised in BC and spent a long time working at Brockhouse – which just happens to be where they got married! Coincidence? Not even slightly. Douglas dreamed to one day get married at Brockhouse with the beautiful BC sunset over the ocean. And did his dream ever come true – it was (one of the few) amazing, perfect Vancouver days with no clouds, no rain and a perfect sunset.

I’ve always wanted to film a wedding at Brockhouse as my parents were married there 28 years ago. I can see why they chose it then and why Joey and Douglas chose it now. This day was gorgeous and so much fun. Congratulations Joey and Douglas!

[vimeo 48129297 w=649 h=365]

joey + douglas || dreams come true from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.