Minnie + Brian

One of the FIRST things I noticed about Minnie (besides her incredibly beautiful face) was her incredibly beautiful purse. Sorry, pursES. Brian says she has quite the collection. I only saw 3 but wanted them ALL. This girl has seriously good taste! Her good taste in purses transferred easily into her taste in wedding planning. This day was gorgeous. The Ceremony was at the UBC Botanical Gardens on a super sunny day where the couple recited personal vows (our FAVORITE!) Make sure you watch the highlights and catch the best line I've ever heard! (hint: it's related to the title)The reception followed at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We've filmed weddings there before, but barely recognized the room when we stepped in. This place was Minnie-d OUT. Crystals and purple and sparkles - so beautiful and so fun! (Also the sparkly chocolate balls they had at the desert table put this wedding on my favorites list for sure!)

I think it can be really easy to get lost when planning a wedding and end up with a beautiful wedding that represents someone else, but this couple really took the time to make their wedding personal. From the vows to the decor to the entertainment to their choreographed first dance, this wedding truly represented Minnie and Brian.

Thank you both for allowing us into your lives and to be a part of your day - we loved your wedding and love the film that we were able to create for you. Congratulations again!


As always we had the BEST time working with Bebb Studios and Lori Fraser Signature Events. So fun!