Jackie + Darrin

Summer is over. How nuts is that?! We've been shooting non stop and it's been so so fun. We feel so blessed to be able to create films for some extraordinary couples all ova this great nation (aka CANADA! duh). However, since our summers are so full of weekend shoots (and strangely a lot of mid week weddings this year), we don't get very much down time. Needless to say we love the Fall season. Like LOVE this season. We LOVE fall. Like if you were to ask us, "Hey Mac and Erin, what's your favorite season?" We'd answer "Uh - FALL!" and yell it a little bit :) We love this season mainly because it means we're one step closer to Christmas, but also because it means we have a little time to relax, its appropriate to start watching movies again (instead of going outside), we can perhaps go on a quick trip, watch You've Got Mail (don't you just love New York in the fall?!) and get back into the editing groove.When we look back on our summer one of the highlights for us was fer shure Jackie and Darrin. The most important part of Jackie and Darrin’s wedding (besides actually getting married obviously) was friends and family. One thing that came up time and time again during our meetings with them was how they wanted to make sure everyone had the time of their lives. And the thing I remember most about their wedding? How much stinkin fun it was. Honestly, Mac's cheeks were sore (and extra rosy) from smiling so much.

Jackie is hilarious, sarcastic and super quick. Darrin is likely the most well spoken groom that has ever been. He is also hilarious. And together this couple was a dream to shoot. They were able to be themselves completely for the entire day and laughed SO much. Nothing better then a bride and groom who genuinely enjoy every part of their wedding day.


A massive thank you to the always amazing Jenna Smith of Revel Events. We LOVE getting to work with her! Always so much fun!