Claire + David

I feel like I really don’t need to introduce this film at all. Everyone I know has heard about or at least seen an instagram of this wedding. It was something else. The tent alone-can we really call it a tent? Bigger than any ballroom I’ve ever seen! It was an absolutely-amazing-over-the-top-blow-your-mind wedding.But something that most people don’t know is how beautiful Claire and Dave’s story is. Its really easy for the story to get lost sometimes, and a wedding can become more about the guests having a good time than celebrating the couple. At this wedding however, it felt like despite all the (gorgeous and perfect I may add) enormity of the day, we got to see into this incredibly private and beautiful relationship between these two (almost) high school sweethearts.

Take a look! The wedding is gorgeous, but the story is my favorite part :)-Erin

[vimeo 98815473 w=740 h=416]

claire + david || done deal from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

claire + david || done deal from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

PS As always we had an amazing time working with the incredible Filosophi team and the oh-so-awesome duo that is Shari + Mike! Check out their blog post!!!