Diana + Kerry || Pinky Swear

You ever meet someone and after like a half hour you forget you haven’t been best friends with them your entire life?! Me either. Until we met Diana and Kerry. We sort of fell in love with them at our very first meeting and since then basically had a countdown calendar on our wall just waiting for their wedding to come. 

Well the day came! Remember hearing about that insane storm in Vancouver in August? Yup –it was that day. Crazy wind, torrential rain – Kerry didn’t care – he went swimming. Power and hydro out in Diana’s house – she didn’t care - she didn't stop smiling for one second and just… held it till the ceremony ;)

I have never experienced a wedding with more rain. Oh I forgot, also it was mostly outside. I have also never experienced a bride and groom who were LESS worried about it than Diana and Kerry. They just wanted to be with their friends and family – they just wanted to be married! Them being ok with the storm made everyone else ok with it and so the wedding was just as awesome and fun underwater as it would have been in the sun :)

I knew we fell in love with them for a reason – they’re the BEST! 

[vimeo 140246625 w=1920 h=1080]

As always we had an incredible time shooting with our friends Shari + Mike who are amazing! We also had the pleasure of working with The Man About Town who had the dance floor going until we were kicked out. A truly awesome weekend.