Disneyland in 4k || Shot + Edited with the iPhone 6s

It's that time of year again! Our busy season of shooting weddings is behind us and so Erin and I took a quick trip to Disneyland to relax and have some fun. I recently picked up an iPhone 6s (as I am a shameless tech geek) and we thought since the camera has had a major upgrade that we should do a repeat of last year and test it out in Disneyland! I honestly think it's one of the best places to test a camera given all the different settings/lighting situations. Plus you have tons of fun in the process! 

[vimeo 144311483 w=1280 h=534]

Unlike last year, this time we decided to shoot AND edit the film on the iPhone. It's so crazy that you can capture 4k video, edit it, and colour it all without removing the footage from the device or going through a computer. If I told my 8 year old self that one day you'd have a device that could do all of this and it fits in your pocket, I'm pretty sure I'd poop my pants. 

The whole film was shot using the Filmic Pro app. I had never used this app until our trip and I have to say... it took a bit to get used to. The most recent update seemed to be pretty buggy (I needed to re-install the app like 5 times to get it to configure footage), but in the end it worked great. The main reason we shot with this app is so we could use the 2.39:1 ratio and to shoot in 24fps (which the default camera app does not allow). Filmic Pro also gave us the benefit of shooting some 4k time-lapse footage which was perfect for low light scenarios. The whole film was shot handheld with the exception of the static/time-lapse shots which we used a little pocket gorilla-pod. 

The editing was done in iMovie for iOS. At first I was pretty hesitant to use this app for the film. The learning curve wasn't very steep but I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to my editing workflow. But when it comes to straight forward editing to a song, iMovie works a treat. We also used Chromic to add a little colour touch up.

All in all this film was super fun to shoot and we hope you enjoy the film and some Disneyland goodness!

A huge thank you to Jonny Dylan Hughes for letting us use his incredible song “Riches & Honour” from his instrumental project Branches for this film. Buy the track here!